Pro Team

Daniel "ChuDat" Rodriguez

ChuDat on Twitter @ChuDatzzzChuDat on Twitch ChuDatzChuDat on YouTube chudatzz

ChuDat is a long time Melee player who mains Ice Climbers. He has an impressive track record throughout the years… Read more


Marcus "Pink Fresh" Wilson

Pink Fresh on Twitter @PinkFreshhhPink Fresh on Twitch Pink_Fresh

Pink Fresh is a Bayonetta player from the MD/VA region. He has more recently seen better results after switching to… Read more

Pink Fresh

Chikamoto "aMSa" Masaya

Miyagi, Japan

aMSa on Twitter @amsaredyoshiaMSa on Twitch amsayoshiaMSa on Facebook vgbcamsa

aMSa is a Yoshi player from Japan. He is a relatively new player in the scene, beginning to smash competitively in February 2013,… Read more