About Us

Founded in early 2009 by Calvin (GimR) & Matthew (Aposl) Lofton, “Video Game Boot Camp” is the leading Super Smash Bros.live-streaming & media producing organization. The dream started when the brothers wanted to grow the Smash Bros. scene by making guides and teaching people how to get better at the games faster.  One example of this is GimR’s Metagame Minute Series. As the years went by they realized live-streaming was the future when it came to widening the scope of the community and getting a larger audience. VGBootCamp has grown the largest Smash centered  Twitch & YouTube Channels. Through these avenues millions of new eyes have seen the Competitive Smash Community. With this website Calvin & Matthew hope to focus back on the original goal of creating user friendly guides to help create more players while still growing Smash’s audience through VGBootCamp’s Twitch & YouTube channels.

Calvin "GimR" Lofton

Maryland, USA

GimR on Twitter @VGBC_GimRGimR on Twitch GimRGimR on Facebook vgbcGimR

VGBC | GimR is is the Co-Founder &  President of the VGBootCamp crew. If there is a project happening he probably has his hands… Read more


Matthew "Aposl" Lofton

Maryland, USA

Aposl on Twitter @VGBC_Aposl

VGBC | Aposl is the Co-Founder & COO of VGBootCamp. He’s also the Manager of Xanadu Games. Xanadu is the… Read more


Scott "Tantalus" Robertson

Maryland, USA

Tantalus on Twitter @TheTantalusTantalus on Twitch TheTantalusTantalus on YouTube thetantaIus

VGBC | Tantalus is a tournament organizer and considered one of the best in the United States. He runs the weeklies and… Read more


Terrence "TKbreezy" Kershaw

Maryland, USA

TKbreezy on Twitter @TKbreezyTKbreezy on Twitch TKbreezyTKbreezy on YouTube tko727TKbreezy on Facebook vgbcTKbreezy

VGBC | TKbreezy is a Smash Bros. commentator & Twitch Streamer. He is primarily featured at Smash @ Xanadu and is slowly but surely… Read more


Duy "Vince" Phan

Vince on Twitter @vphandango

Vince is VGBootCamp’s Head of Production


Anthony "Logic" Moorman

Maryland, USA

Logic on Twitter @Logic_VGBC

VGBC | Logic is a player and commentator for VGBootCamp. Logic was formerly ranked 15th on the MD/VA Smash 4 Power… Read more


John "JDL4" Lofton

JDL4 on Twitter @loftonfilms

John Lofton IV is VGBC’s Technical Director