Chikamoto "aMSa" Masaya

Miyagi, Japan

aMSa on Twitter @amsaredyoshiaMSa on Twitch amsayoshiaMSa on Facebook vgbcamsa

aMSa is a Yoshi player from Japan. He is a relatively new player in the scene, beginning to smash competitively in February 2013, but has played the game casually since its release, using Yoshi from the very beginning. He quickly gained notoriety for his ability with such a low tiered character, having a large amount of technical skill and being able to fully utilize and mix-up all of Yoshi’s options, including many of his “situational” special moves, backed up by a fantastic comboing and parrying ability. Despite only having played seriously for a short amount of time compared to other professionals, he quickly became considered the best Yoshi main in the world by many notable players after his first international appearance at EVO 2013, and maintained this title through Apex 2014.