Scott "Tantalus" Robertson

Maryland, USA

Tantalus on Twitter @TheTantalusTantalus on Twitch TheTantalusTantalus on YouTube thetantaIus

VGBC | Tantalus is a¬†tournament organizer and considered one of the best in the United States. He runs the weeklies¬†and helps TO a plethora of regionals and Nationals all accross the US. He is known for his work helping with the Pound, SKTAR, Project M Showdown, and of course, running the Smash @ Xanadu monthly and weekly events for over 2 years now. He is also a part time commentator, part time player, and part time streamer as well. Overall, he’s known more than anything as a smash enthusiast, not just supporting one game’s community, but supporting Brawl, Melee, PM and now Smash 4 all across the DMV area. Make sure to follow him below!